Pre-Requisites for Installation

If you do not have knowledge on setting up server on your local machine, then this tutorial will help you. Before we try to setup BeeDMS application to your local computer, you need to make sure that you have followings.

  1. PHP Version: Before you start to set up php environment, you need to understand the pre-requisites of the software that you wish to install. Hence, you need to first identify what version of php is required based on which you can decide to choose what software you want to install.
  2. Server: Any server such as xampp, wamp etc can be downloaded from the internet and can be installed on your computer. You can google or youtube for details on that.

For the system XAMPP version of 3.2.2. is required.

For the system PHP version of 5.6.4 is required

BeeDMS uses Laravel version 5.4 used.