Features of DMS v.2

After the successful release of DMS, We are finally here with DMS version 2.0. DMS version 2.0 has lots of bugs fixing and Features. Some of the features are :

  1. Roles and Permission

Major functionality counts roles and permission, where one with the super admin access can we roles to other users and give permission to create, edit, delete, and update modules.

2. Folder Structure

In this version, Users can make new folders or use old folders for managing the documents according to folders just like in user’s personal computers. And If folders are unused, Users can easily drag and drop files to the dustbin.

3. Email

For the system like DMS, Email is keen feature as documents need to be sent to other users. User can easily send emails and include files in the emails and send to other participants.

4. Download and Print

Documents that are saved in the DMS can be easily downloaded and printed with simple click of buttons. User can download documents with or without header and print it as well.

5. Documents Template

For any organization, they have their own format of writing the documents and with the need of using the same documents time and again, DMS has features of saving the document as a template.

6. Change Skins or Colors of Theme

In this DMS system, Users can change the color theme of the system as per their choice.

7.Login Logs and Login Failed Logs

Every system needs to have records of login and login fails. With the need of security, DMS comes with login logs and login failed logs.

8. Notification

Notification can be very handy when it comes to online based system. Well, in the system users are known about the new document and other activity through notification.

9. Import and Export

Document system needs import and export feature in the system as files are to be easily accessible through any platform.

10.Save time – Instant access to documents.

There’s a growing need in today’s professional climate for instantaneous everything. Ignoring this need is the quickest way to fall behind. When documents are piled into filing cabinets, finding something on the fly can be exceptionally difficult. One of the major features and benefits of a document management system is that you and your staff can instantly access whatever documents you may need, regardless of where you are.

11. Reduced physical storage

If your office still relies on paper documentation, you can likely attest that extensive storage solutions are needed to handle mountains of paper. With office space getting more expensive as time goes on, paying for space to store paper documents can be out of the question. Switching to a document management system means you can scan and upload the paper that’s taking up office space, allowing you to shred these documents and reclaim your space.

12. Remainder

There are no certainty in knowledge of people as one can forget anything easily after some period of time. Which is why people need remainder for everything in busy schedule of life. As in DMS, Users can keep the remainder for important as well as other documents and get in tract with documents.

13. Name Card

Features like name card might be new but they can very handy. It is just like identify card or business card. Users can select name card and send mail to the respective people.

14. Branding Configuration

Major features also counts branding configuration where user are allowed to change many brand related features like logo, header and footer of letter pad, emails of the company, and many more.

15. New User Creation

An oraganisation might have a lot of workers and every task cannot be done by one person, so super admin has access to make new user and give them role and access to the system as per their qualification and needs.

And there are many other features in the system which might be small but very handy.