Import SQL file in local server

If user have any issue regarding migration, they can simply import the SQL by downloading the SQL from the link. To import the SQL, follow the link below.

  1. Download the SQL from given link.
  2. Go to phpMyAdmin MySQL.

  1. Create a New Database


  1. To Import first the select the database
  2. Click the import file which is at the top.

  1. After clicking import, New view is shown

  1. Click the choose file and You can now choose the SQL file that you have downloaded.


  1. After choosing the file.
  2. Click Go button.
  3. SQL file will be imported. Then there are few things you need to manage like.
  4. Managing the SQL view table.


  1. These three table should be managed.
  2. Open the v_user_activity table.
  3. Click on the Structure.

  1. Click in the Edit view
  2. This part is when ever we import this sql. “utf8mb4_unicode_ci” changes to “utf8mb4_general_ci”. After the edit view you can see it changes to “utf8mb4_unicode_ci”.

  1. User don’t have to edit anything.

  1. Now press Go.
  2. You have to do same procedure with all of the view table. i.e. v_user_activity , v_institution_timeline, v_document_timeline.
  3. One more procedure is before importing the SQL file, change user according to you phpMyAdmin user name.