Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 has following bug fixes.

  • Dashboard: Problem while accessing to the dashboard has been fixed.
  • CSS: Missing CSS file the system has been solved.
  • Login Page: CSS error on the login page has been fixed.
  • Incoming Documents: Unable to save incoming documents, fixed.
  • Outgoing Documents: Unable to save incoming documents has been fixed.
  • Performance: User experience very poor page loading performance has been solved.
  • Refresh Functionality: Added Refresh function for search filter has been fixed.
  • Storage and Attachment: Issued regarding file not found has been fixed.
  • Pop up: Pop up for the delete confirmation, newly added.
  • Reset Password: User not able to reset Password has been solved.
  • Issue Date: Wrong Issue Date, corrected with right issue date.
  • Draft Document: Failed To edit and issue the draft has been solved.
  • User Profile: User unable to change profile image has been solved.
  • Sending Email: Problem in sending mail has been solved.