BeeDMS Lite.

Free Document Management System

BeeDMS Lite is a Free Document Management System used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. BeeDMS Lite has all the major features that can help an organization manage its documents and correspondence.

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Current version: Lite v1.0.0
Released on: 07 September 2018
License: GNU/GPLv3
Translations: English
User Interface: Web-based, Admin Lte2
Database: MySQL
Technologies: PHP, Laravel Framework 5.2


It has three primary modules such as

  1. Incoming Documents: It can be any documents or formal letters that comes to an organization. It can be entered in the system and thus an email is sent to related group or user.
  2. Outgoing Documents: You can create letters and sign it and send it via email or print it in letter heads.
  3. Digitized Documents Library: Scan any documents and contracts and upload it to BeeDMS for archival and easier search in future.

About Lite


Lite Installation

Follow the following instruction to install DMS in your server Step 1: Create a Database as beedmslitedb and set collation... Read More →

GNU/GPLv3 License

BeeDMS Lite has been launched as open source project that is licensed under the GNU/GPLv3 License. Permissions of this strong... Read More →
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